We are a small business that creates dolls and fairytales.

Completely handmade crochet dolls

Made of cotton yarn and polyester filling, the dolls have no metallic wire. They are soft and have a wooden stand, that we make at home.

We also make fabric dolls, fairies and witches from folk traditions and fairytales. 

Welcome to our magical world of dolls, music and fantastic stories. 


is an Italian word meaning "My Sweet Treasure" (Dolce Tesoro Mio). Each and every doll in our shop is a Sweet Treasure that we can Personalize for you

Malya's Magic Dolls / Lutke iz Maljine skrinjice

are created based on the inspiration of the characters from the novels authored by Alenka Kranjac. Aunt Malya is a heroine of the story. Therefore our dolls carry her name. With a touch of good magic and top manual skills we share good will and joy with the awareness that every person hides a treasure worth discovering.

Art & Craft Certificate

Our Dolls have been awarded the Art & Craft certificate as a home craft product. The certificate is issued by the Chamber of Crafts of Slovenia.  

Please notice: Our Decorative Art Dolls are NOT TOYS and are NOT suitable for children under the age of 14 years. Decorative art dolls and folklore dolls are made as portrait dolls for collectors and doll lovers.