❤ How can I track my package?

We ship priority + tracking number. After the package is sent we will send you a message with the tracking number and the site where you can track the package. If there will be any problems feel free to contact us. Products are perfectly handled and packaged accordingly.

We cannot give you a refund due to prolonged shipping time, because we can't control the shipping times. If the package is proven lost you can request a replacement.


❤ What if I gave a wrong address?

No problem, please contact us within 24 hours and send us the right address or the item will be send on the given address. If you don't contact us on time, the item will be shipped to the wrong address and probably will be sent back to us. In this case you will have to pay shipping one more time so we can send the package on the right address.


❤ Care instructions

♡ Always remember to handle your doll gently.
♡ It's best to avoid water, chemicals or alcohol-based products such as perfume, on dolls.
♡ To clean doll, drycleaning is advised.
♡ Never use any harsh cleaners such as bleach or abrasives to clean your doll.
♡ Avoid storing dolls in hot/wet/humid places.
♡ Keep your doll in a box or glass (or other) cabinet after use.

♡ Keep your doll safely away from fire.

♡ The doll is made of cotton yarn, so be aware that dust will eventually build up on the surface of the doll, especially the hair, if the doll is left outside the box/cabinet or outdoors.

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