Alenka Kranjac - Vruja

Alenka Kranjac has been a singer in the traditional music group Vruja since the formation of the group in 2001. Since then, they have released five music CDs, and Alenka has been featured as a guest on many compilations.

From Vruja to duet, trio and renaissance Cappella quartet, traditional and old music comes to you in good company. We encompass a full array of istrian music from the whole peninsula and as such we faithfully recreate our tradition. We perform songs in all the three languages and dialects spoken in Istria. 

Are you looking for a musical group fit for your living room concert, or a Renaissance Cappella music for your wedding, or maybe a folk-revival band for your birthday party? 

We’ve got it for you. A live band for every type of event.



Invite us to perform for you.

Contact us to agree on expectations and help you choose a suitable ensamble. 

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