Alenka Kranjac, writer of the Month

Published on 19 September 2022 at 15:18

October is a special Month for the Witches! And just like that, in Oktober 2018, Alenka was named a Writer of the Month by the Amalietti Založba Publishing House. 

Peter Amalietti said: "The period in wich we live is a golden age for the Witches!" His words have a double meaning, since they embrace all Witchcraft and all Witches, be it good or bad. But in Alenka's story, "Vilinska kri ali tovarišice prav posebne sorte", some bad witches turn good by the magical spell or Aunt Malja (reference to Malya's Magic Dolls) and her special frineds.  


Visit Amalietti Založba website to learn more.

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