Personalised Portrait Doll

Dream dolls!
€175.00 €130.00

A 33 cm tall doll made just for you. 

With lush hair, deep gentle eyes and the kindness of a fairytale princess, this darling comes  to you as your Portrait Doll.

Her eyes are hand embroidered and they come in a variety of colors. 

Since she is made to order, you can choose her dress color and hair and eyes color, and skin colour, too. 

For your preferences you will have to specify all details.

The possibilities are many and we are open to ideas and creativity.

MATERIALS: cotton yarn, alpaca boucle hair, polyester filling.

Kindly notice, please:

  • This doll is a decorative art doll and is not a toy.
  • Not suitable for small children.
  • Custom made to order. 
  • Crochet time: 14-21 days. 
  • You will NEED TO specify preferences (eyes and hair color and style, leggings, dress, shoes and skin color, additional items). Black color is additionaly priced. 
  • Additional costs apply according to your clothing choice.

Each doll comes with a handmade wooden stand. 

Klick for Doll Video.

  • We show a variety of dolls in the photographs, so you can get an idea of how the dolls can turn out to be.